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Our Story

On March 11, 2011 Nika was born...literally. Nika is my daughter and from that day my life was changed.

Nika means Good and she is everything that’s good. Something changed and shifted in me when I became a mother. I started reading ingredients and labels on everything and realized how many toxins were in everyday materials.

I started buying organic diapers and food for my daughter which was very expensive but I changed my priorities. I changed our cleaning solutions at home and went the more natural route.   

I’ve also had to deal with dry skin most of my life and everything I used worked for a few hours but then my skin was dry again. By profession I am a dentist and I wash my hands a million times a day and that made my dry skin condition worse. I started having eczema and regardless of what type of gloves I used my hands still had breakouts and were dry. 

In 2014 I watched a documentary and that opened my eyes more and I started to get rid of even more personal care items that had unhealthy ingredients in them. It was then that I realized that God has already placed in nature a lot of the resources that we need to look after ourselves. For my hands I did find some natural products; however, I found that they didn't leave my hands and skin moisturized for long. After one hand wash or two my hands would be dry again.

At this time the dream of creating something Good was sparked in me. The Nika Care Body Cream is brought to life through a few years of trial and error and lots of different recipes. It was initially only supposed to be meant for just my own family. Fast forward a few years and through input and encouragement of friends and family our very first Nika Care Body Cream is brought to life. 

The passion behind Nika Care is to care and help people because everybody needs good care. When you purchase our body cream it will not only help you to nourish and look after your body in the best way possible but it will also provide care & help for a child in need through our mission Because We Care. 

Thank you for taking time to read our Story and welcome to our Nika Care Family. 

Deana Piteau
Founder of Nika Care 💛